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Associations Council

Associations are the Life Blood of the Community 

The Block Association

Block Associations are the most effective way to foster and communicate between our neighbors, lobby for improvements to our neighborhoods, maintain safety for our homes and streets, and provide services and benefits for our community. An Organized Block Association greatly improves the quality of life for our block and surrounding neighborhood. An organized Block Association establishes neighbors working and caring for each other. An Organized Block Association is the most powerful organization in the United States hence the reasons:

1. You are citizen/Resident

2. A homeowner

3. Pay Taxes

4. Vote.

That’s the true definition of the constitution of "we the people" reflected in the American constitution.  

The world today is more diverse, but the well-being of our blocks remains a vital part of the quality of life in Brooklyn. Associations are still one of the best ways to foster a sense of community with our neighbors, to speak with a unified voice on matters of common concern, and to maintain the safety of our homes and streets. Whether it’s to throw a block party, call on the city to improve sanitation or plant trees, or to ally with the police to fight crime, "Block Associations Work".


The Tenant Association

People living in common commune. It is a diverse group living together in one building or a group of buildings. Tenants have similar concerns, regarding the needs of the resident and desire to work together to address them. Tenant’s issues vary from the Blocks Association, though similar. Their issue surround around rent, availability of services, and general quality of life in their living areas.


The Merchant Association

The merchant association is similar in designs as an organization. They are for profit organization business. Which provide a service and product to our communities and receive a benefit in return (money- profit) some are not-for-profit. The merchant’s unification is very critical in the development of an area or community. This association when organized can play a great part in the socio economic development of the community.


The Civic Association

The Civic Association is similar and broader in scope than the Block Association. Most Civic Associations obtain 501-C 3-4 status. These organizations usually cover large areas of Block Association or groups of people, culturally, socially, or ethnically. Their goals vary, based on their mission statement and objective. These groups obtain federal, state and local funds to finance and support their goals. Civic Associations are on one of the most effective ways to secure funding, cause of their exempts (being exempt from federal, states city taxes).