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OBC senior Care Program

posted Oct 4, 2011, 11:56 AM by Organizing Brooklyn Communities Inc ‎(OBC)‎


OBC recognizes that the seniors of today residing in our communities are living longer, healthier lives. This is possible through medical breakthrough, technology and obtainable resources. OBC would like to partner with our mature residents of the community in supporting their desire to manifest safely and productively in their own environment.

To achieve this mission, OBC has joined forces with the Department of the Aged, Adult Protective Services, Medicaid and Medicare to compile data and resources for our more mature audiences. We understand the difficulties often faced when one has to navigate the bureaucracy of “Red Tape” of most governmental agencies. We will provide the protection of a consultant to ensure you understand your options.


The OBC Senior program is ever evolving. It will include but not be limited to the following services:


  • Adult Day Care Center; providing meals recreation and triage medical assistance
  • Assistance obtaining Meals on Wheels, Medicaid & Medicare
  • Senior Trips ( Atlantic City, Historic Monuments, Buffets)
  • Resource Informational Sessions for : Assisted Living Programs, Knowledge of Geriatric Rights, Voting Power, Healthy Living Seminars
  • Healthcare providers, Home Attendant, Home health Aide Services
  • Legal Advice for: Power of Attorney, Living Wills
  • Medical assistance for Disability Equipment
  • Counseling: Individual and Group Sessions